How to Handle Stress

It comes into our life on the daily and we only have two options: give in, or alleviate. There is no way to combat stress and to remove it from our lives. As much as I tried to do that in the past, my recent introduction to a daily meditation practice has taught me that even by avoiding the negative people, focusing only on your well being and living a healthy lifestyle, it is not enough. Life will get in the way and you simply can't hide from living, no matter what you do. 



So how can you fix it? You can't! And that's okay. You have to live with the knowledge that stress will always be there; difficult situations are a part of human existance. We must learn to understand this and appreciate this and realize we have the strength, competance, courage, and willpower to withstand all the stress that life throws at us. We have power over our emotions, over our daily practices and the energy we choose to focus on. We have the power to practice peace through angst, to practice courage through vulnerability and practice kindness and compassion even when we feel angry, upset, helpless and like we want to crawl under the covers and never come out.


Our minds are a malleable thing, and we can shape them through breath and self healing. Use your energy for good, and good things will come. You can use a number of tools like yoga, meditation, healthy food, crystals, herbs and essential oils to aid you on your journey to self care and nourishment. But at the end of the day, it is your responsibility to use these tools and focus your energy on being your best self, no matter what obstacles come your way.