The Best Things in Life Make you Sweat

Is sweating the new colon cleanse?

I recently wanted to find out as I booked an appointment at Alchemie Spa in Santa Monica for a 45-minute infrared sauna. I toyed around with the idea in the past but wasn't living in Los Angeles at the time and the only spot where I could find a somewhat similar concept was at a very dodgy colon therapy walk up in Manhattan's Chinatown. I revisited the concept of sweating recently as a way of relaxing sore muscles after an intense workout. Massages are great for removing the lactic build up in the muscles after a vigorous workout, but they don't do much to get to the root of the issue. After my infrared sauna experience at Alchemie, I felt better but was told that to see the best results, I need to come regularly- as frequently as every day. The reason that sweating can be good for the body is that it detoxifies our cells naturally, you drink water (at least 3 liters a day) and then you sweat it out (a 55 minute sweat session can make you expel up to a gallon of water!). 

So how does it work? 

The FAR infrared light radiation is a form of natural energy, contrary to what you may associate with a tanning booth and UV light, this type of light is like laying on the beach for an hour, without hurting your skin. Sweating also lets the skin flush out impurities like the pollutants and chemical residue that adheres to it. This leads to bringing fresh blood supply and essential nutrients to the skin's surface, improving elasticity of the collagen structure. Blood circulation increases and can help relieve conditions such as eczema, scarring, stretch marks and psoriasis. It is recommended to do a 45-55 minute sweat session once a day (any less and your body will not heat thoroughly, any more and you may risk getting dehydrated). Be sure to not shower directly after your sweat and to let your body cool down naturally. 

Better than colon therapy?

In my opinion, this is a better way to detoxify as it is less invasive and you get similarly quick results. If you are feeling hungover or like you overate on junk food, a sweat session will help you bring out the toxins in your body and you will leave feeling refreshed. If it is a BM issue, sweating helps improve digestion and even increases your metabolism for up to 36 hours post treatment. Infrared saunas have been used for years in the medical industry for ailments of all types including arthritis, high blood pressure and wound healing. Commercial infrared saunas are a relatively new concept and haven't gained popularity yet, but you can now find spas devoted to them in New York and Los Angeles.