Five Easy Way to Stay Healthy on Vacation

Don't neglect your healthy lifestyle while traveling. Even if you are on a road trip, there is always ways to prepare and make your vacation much more enjoyable without having the fear of falling off the wagon before you get back home.

Pack snacks

This is a crucial tip because you never know where you may end up. Having your meals planned ahead for the car ride, flight and even during the vacation will make it easier for you to avoid snacking on plane food and other junk you may encounter along the way. Stop by your closest health food store before your departure and stock up on TSA approved treats like granola bars, trail mix, superfood powders and other non perishable goods. One of my favorite travel go-to's is Vigilant Eats superfood cereal. 


Research all the nearby parks, trails and workout studios at your destination so you have a plan of places to workout on your trip. If you are going to a major city, the Mindbody app is extremely helpful in navigating nearby yoga, spinning, barre studios and more. If there are no gyms nearby, try an outdoor bike ride, hike or run - it's the best way to see a new place without having to spend extra on a gym membership.

Pack your gym shoes

Don't neglect your workouts by forgetting your yoga pants and sneakers. Always have workout clothes on hand so you can go for a run or do some other type of activity at your destination. Workout clothes is equally comfortable to travel in and athleisure is having a moment so you won't look out of place at the airport.  

Download Spotify

Nothing kills the vibe of working out like not having good music to listen to. Use an app like Spotify or download music to your phone so you have a playlist ready for when you break out for your next cardio session. Spotify offers so many curated playlists for every kind of music lover from pop music to yoga playlists and everything in between.

Go online!

If you are feeling uninspired, find Youtube videos of workouts you love - from pilates and yoga to tabata and HIIT there is something for everyone - just search for it. We also recommend downloading an ebook like Kayla Itsine's BBG for a quick workout that can be done virtually anywhere without any equipment - even in your hotel room.