How to be Mindful about Mindfulness

The word mindfulness is being thrown around a lot lately and wellness experts are reminding us about the importance of having a mindfulness practice - be it diet and yoga or meditation and a gratitude journal. All of those things are extremely important for our health and well being, but how can we be motivated to do these things if you we not in the right headspace?

In order to stay on track with your healthy lifestyle, you need to understand the reasons for why you are doing this. Any time you fall off the wagon or go on a vacation only to come home and realize you need to start from zero, realize that this is a normal equilibrium to be in. Don't be hard on yourself by trying to achieve a level of perfection with your lifestyle. Don't feel guilty on days you missed a workout or ate something that isn't perfect.

The best approach to wellness is to make your daily acts of kindness to your mind and body a habit. You will slowly begin to transition from negative routines just by adding more positivity to your day. Writing in a journal helps some people pinpoint their feelings, frustrations and goals. A great technique I learned to combat stress and anxiety is to name the feelings I am feeling. Just by saying I am angry, or I am stressed, helps alleviate some of the symptoms causing you to worry.

I also recommend meditating and although many people think that meditation means completely erasing thoughts from your mind, it actually just means to teach your mind to redirect its attention. Sometimes, the most influential meditations are those where we just can't seem to turn the gears off of our thoughts. We need those meditations even more so than on the days where our mind is completely clear of worries because they help center us and remind us of why we are doing these things.

Find time in your day to take some calming, deep breaths. The best times to do this are before a work meeting, a meal or even in the car driving home in traffic. When you fully acknowledge your breathing, you are bringing yourself into the present moment and you are fully conscious and aware of the world around you.