Stop Crying Over Heartbreak

Why do most relationships not work out? A question we often find ourselves asking.

Tonight I attended a workshop meditation with the founder of Guided Light Healing, Alessandro Gianetti. He is a healer and a guide, who believes that the people he encounters in life have a gift that they are meant to share with the world. In a way, we are all teachers. When we give ourselves a chance to tune into our intuition, our heart and our mind, we begin to realize that we not only control our beliefs and principles, but we are completely in power of manifesting and determining our destiny.

When we meet people - be it our co-workers, our significant others, or friends, we are connecting with a part of ourselves that we have put on hold, or turned our back on. There are no chance encounters for people who are in touch with their intuition. When you become part of a romantic relationship, you are looking at a reflection of yourself. If the person you are dating possesses negative qualities you wish you could change about them - carelessness, stubbornness, egoism - those are all things that are lying deep down within you. The reason they are in your life is so that you can face your own reality and figure out how to change yourself and your perception of the world.

How does one go about flipping their world upside down? Write a list. Write a list of everything you are looking for in a partner. Search deep within yourself for the qualities you want to manifest. Look beyond the superficiality of trust, loyalty and humor - but don't neglect to add them to your list. The point is that humans are compromised of more than five or ten character traits, aim for around 120. Spend a few months cultivating your list and keep writing it down in your journal. Visualize and conceptualize the life you are looking for. Not just in love, but in work, in family, in education, anything you are looking to achieve.

In the process of this work within yourself, you will also begin to notice energy shifts in the way you perceive yourself. You will learn things about yourself that have been hiding underneath your daily existence. The more time you spend alone with yourself, critically thinking about your actions, your desires, your conversations with others and how they affect you, the more you are giving yourself the opportunity to grow and become your best self.

It's no secret that you attract whatever you put out into the world, and that people with confidence, high self esteem and kindness are more approachable than those who are closed off, anxious and uncertain.

Create your best self by pulling from all the tools available to you - feed your body kindly with healthy food, meditate, explore, travel and read. Know when to push people out of your life and when to seek them out. The whole purpose of understanding what a great life can bring you is to unlock the secret that you can have everything you want, as long as you know what you want and how to get it.