Things I'm Loving Lately

There's a gratitude list and then there's just an inspiration-things-I'm-loving-lately list. I have been so inspired by social media lately and have been diving deep into wellness trends. Here is a list of some of the feel-good products, tonics, elixirs and potions I have been inspired by and wanted to share with you!


These powerful rocks have all the energy you need to think creatively, multi-task, fall in love, de-stress and fall asleep. Of course crystals have many more healing energies, but the right crystal can do wonders for your space, well being and mind. I recommend checking out Unplug meditation, The Now massage or Spellbound Sky in Silverlake for all of your crystal needs and find a great book on decoding their purpose such as Crystals for Healing


I am obsessed with ceramists and I think it's so great when art can also be functional. I love collecting ceramics from my travels and my kitchen is full of mismatched bowls, mugs, plates and spoons. I love that no two pieces are alike and that the artists can express themselves in so many multifaceted ways. I am currently in love with the Cap Beauty and Romy Northover matcha pot collaboration. You can find it on their website here.


I know that mushrooms have been around forever and so many people aren't crazy about their taste. But the mushrooms I am talking about are the magic, healing ones found in superfood powders from brands like Moon Juice and Four Sigma. You can obtain all of the benefits these powerful fungi have to offer without experiencing their flavor. Simply add a teaspoon of ashwagandha or brain dust to your morning latte (or smoothie) and experience the adaptogenic qualities your hormones have been begging for. I also love that these brands are selling pouches of combination superfoods that can be thrown into your bag on the way to work and are super easy to travel with, keeping you healthy even on the plane. 

Natural skincare

The beauty market is booming with brands like Odacite, Tata Harper and Rahua. Even make up brands are following suite by using cruelty free vegan ingredients (Anastasia Beverly Hills, Kylie Cosmetics, Kat Von D). I love how many options there are for high quality products that are friendly toward the environment and our bodies. We shouldn't be using skincare products on the daily that we wouldn't feel comfortable eating because our skin absorbs that stuff like crazy! I don't use make up every day or hardly ever, so I am more lenient with using vegan products that are not entirely made out of plants. However, if you are looking for plant based make up that contain zero chemicals or fillers, I would recommend 100% Pure, Juice Beauty and RMS. 


Matcha has been on the radar for a few years now for its antioxidant properties and as a better alternative to coffee. While I wouldn't over do it with the green tea because it still contains a lot of caffeine, having a matcha latte here and there can be tasty and nourishing. It's hard to find organic matcha stateside, but some brands to look out for are Panatea, House of Matcha  and Cap Beauty Matcha. Also, if you are lucky to live in LA or NY, there are tons of cafes that are doing matcha right. My list would include Alfred Tea Room and Matcha Box (LA) and Chalait and Cha Cha Matcha (NY).