On Leadership, Feminism and Purpose

Some notes I took on listening to the recent Rich Roll podcasts on cultivating non judgement with Julie Piatt and Lighter founders Alexis Fox and Micah Risk. 


Sitting in school and being told you will be successful because you study hard and raise your hand and do what you are told will not make you a successful leader/entrepreneur. It's a good skill to have when you are young to learn boundaries and discipline, but as soon as children understand these somewhat basic concepts, we must encourage children to look up to strong and empowering female leaders that are not in the spotlight.


Popular culture puts spotlight on certain woman that are readily marketable for their appearance, disfunction and sometimes talent, but women are still judged more for their appearance and sexuality than they are for their achievements. Rich pointed out that if a female soccer player scores the winning goal, social media will focus more on her hair than her achievement. In reality, becoming a successful leader or entrepreneur starts from your hobbies, putting yourself out of your comfort zone and to interact with communities that inspire you and share your interests or beliefs- attend conferences, lectures and retreats that teach you, show you alternative perspectives and inspire you to further your education, mind, career and relationships.


Every experience we have in our life helps build the foundation for our future selves. Focus on the POSITIVE experiences rather than honing in on the negative moments that make us obtain a victim mentality. One of my meditation teachers always says to forgive the person walking behind your car as you are trying to pull out of a parking spot rather than getting angry- a simple metaphor for a very thoughtful perspective on life. Practice mindfulness in all that you do to cultivate creativity and lessen anxiety, exercise in ways that make you feel body positive to increase endorphins and stay healthy, eat foods that are nourishing to your body inside and out, engage in art, film, technology, music, travel or any other activities that get you out of your comfort zone and closer to people and ideas you wouldn't normally engage with in daily life. These are the key principles to moving forward and finding purpose.