Five Nightstand Essentials for A Restful Sleep


Staying hydrated before and after sleep should be your top priority for optimal digestion and better rest. A liter of water first thing after a restful night's sleep will get you energized for the day ahead better than any coffee or tea. Set out a bottle of water before you go to sleep so you can grab it off your nightstand as soon as you wake up and finish it before breakfast or your morning joe. Going to bed well hydrated will also help you with that beauty sleep by hydrating your skin and keeping your insides functioning at an optimal level.

Lavender spray

A great way to relax and prep the body for bed is by using calming essential oils. A spray infused with calming scents like lavender, sandalwood or cedar will help your mind wind down after a busy day and make your room smell like a calming oasis. Spray a bit of essential oils on your pillow, sheets and the air around you a few minutes before snoozing. 


Candles smell great even when they are not burning, but lighting a soy wax candle before bed will give your eyes some much needed rest and work better at creating natural light in your bedroom. If you don't have a dimmer in your sleep space, candles are a better source of lighting before bed. If falling asleep is sometimes a challenge, make sure to turn off all electronics (TV, iPhone, laptop) at least thirty minutes before falling asleep so your brain has registered that it's night time and will be more likely to wind down. Additionally, the smell of scented candles can really put you in a good mood - try Morning Culture's Banana Pancakes candle or a Brooklyn Candle Studio Cedarwood scent, depending on your preference. 


A journal can be used for a number of things - a gratitude list before bed will help you get to dreamland feeling thankful for the day you had. Or you can use a journal to record dreams or ideas you had during your snooze. Wake up every morning with a list of things you'd like to accomplish that day to keep you motivated and on track to being the best version of yourself - after all, it's a habit most successful people live by. 


I recommend reading a book before bed over watching TV as a way to wind down. Pick something interesting to read - preferably fiction - but not a book that you just can't put down (otherwise you won't get any sleep that night!). I also like poetry or collections of essays that are shorter and can be read in fifteen - twenty minutes. This way you can fuel your mind with creativity and will get naturally tired, leaving yourself less wired than with the bright lights and loud noise of the screen.