November Favorites

I’ve discovered so many great new products, places and things in the last month that I wanted to share my recommendations with you. Read below to learn more and click the links to try them for yourself.




Mush overnight oats

This is a great breakfast option when you are on the go and have no time to prep overnight oats the night before. I love the super limited ingredients in this product which are oats, almond milk, dates and sea salt. The flavors vary from peanut butter to chocolate and everything in between, so be sure to try them all!


Coyo coconut yogurt

This coconut yogurt contains zero additives and is made with just coconut meat and probiotic cultures. The super clean ingredients make it a healthy and filling breakfast option when paired with granola and berries.


HB Fit x Grass Roots Juicery

Hannah Bronfman teamed up with NYC- based juice bar Grass Roots to create a collaboration of rawnola, protein bars and juices. Filled with superfood ingredients like chlorella, spirulina, ashwaghanda and so much more, these snacks are radiating with health benefits. While the juices and smoothies are local to New Yorkers, you can order the packaged snacks online. Limited while supplies last.


Phi Kind chocolate

Probably the healthiest chocolate I ever tried, this California based brand creates unique flavor combinations of dark chocolate truffles and chocolate bars that contain zero grams of sugar. The perfect after dinner dessert or an absolutely guilt free pick me up any time of day, these chocolates will definitely satisfy your sweet tooth craving.




Osmia Organics recovery salt bath

This salt soak comes packed with essential ingredients like lavender, olive oil and shea to completely relieve your muscles of tension and help you relax. I love that the packaging comes with a wooden spoon to scoop out the grey salt. 2 scoops is all you need to radiate in the bliss of this bath, and the product will last you for 5-6 times.


Jade roller

I was on the fence about purchasing a face massager because there are so many products on the market and I was afraid they would actually stretch out my sensitive skin. I love the jade roller because it is made out of natural stone and it not being electronic, allows you to control the speed and intensity with which you massage your face. I highly recommend purchasing an 100% jade product and exploring the multiple uses it has to offer. You can use it to intensify the penetration of a moisturizer once you have applied it to your face. Stick the roller in the fridge between uses and apply is to under eye circles to reduce puffiness. My best tip would be to massage your neck on the gland area to improve blood circulation, oxygen production and reduce signs of adrenal fatigue.


Cote twinkle toes set

I love every color in this collection and have been looking for a natural bubble gum pink polish ever since I converted to using chemical free products. Cote is by far my favorite natural nail care brand and I am so happy to have a new go-to pink as part of their collection. The sparkly star-speckled glitter polish is very tame and if you love stars like me, you will be using this color frequently. I have yet to try the blue shade, but I already have my color picked out for my next salon appointment.


Yawn by HVMN

I have been against melatonin for a long time because I purchased an over the counter brand from Whole Foods that did nothing to help me sleep. I have been openly struggling with insomnia on and off for the past few years and I find that this product is a great alternative to stronger medications like Xanax. I am past the point of spraying lavender oil on myself to combat sleeping problems and find that Yawn puts me to good, quality sleep for at least 6 hours if not more. The product was developed by bio-hackers in Silicon Valley and every ingredient is designed to help you fall asleep, stay asleep and have quality sleep where you experience every cycle from REM and light sleep to deep sleep. My Fitbit attests to this because other supplements and medications can knock you out but you wake up feeling groggy and unrested because you are in a “dead sleep” state.





Poke Acupuncture

Finding a good acupuncturist is hard work. Here in LA, there are a dime a dozen and all promise to get you the results you are looking for. My previous experience with acupuncture yielded zero results so I was nervous to try again but I am so glad I found Poke on Melrose. Dr. Alexandra Bruehl is truly knowledgeable and can help you with all kind of issues from insomnia and anxiety to digestion and period pain. She incorporates natural remedies like essential oils and salts into her treatments, leaving you feel truly relaxed and energized. I saw results from my first treatment which got me to book a standing appointment at this cozy Melrose spot. 


Marciano Art Foundation

A new contemporary art gallery on the border of Hancock Park and Koreatown is a welcome addition to the growing LA art scene. The gallery offers 3 floors of rotating exhibits from artists like Alex Israel and Christopher Wool. The first floor cafe offers coffee and light bites while the gallery shop has an impressive collection of art books and collector pieces by Takashi Murakami.


Blue Bottle Brentwood

The Brentwood Country Mart is seeing a revamp with the addition of trendy Blue Bottle. Not only does the cafe serve delicious coffee and homemade chia pudding, you can also shop for DIY coffee equipment like Chemexes, coffee filters and grinders.


Cos Bar

A beauty supply store in the Brentwood Country Mart after my own heart. Stocked full of every product currently hot on the market, here you will find hair care by Oribe and Ouai, masks by Dr. Jart, nail-polish by Deborah Lippmann and so much more!