Sugar is Sugar is Sugar

Let's talk about sugar! 


I know the concept is played out and anyone you meet who knows remotely anything about health knows it's bad for you, but I had fruit for breakfast today after not eating sugar for almost a month and I feel like I went a-wall! 


It's fig and mulberry season in Southern California and I decided to head to the Santa Monica Farmer's Market this morning to score my two favorite fruits! After eating my breakfast of figs and mulberries, I had an immediate sugar spike followed by a crash an hour later.


Now I feel lethargic, tired and like I got zero nutritional benefit from what I ate. Also, this amount of fruit equates to 100 grams of the sweet stuff (even if it is natural) and not from added sweeteners. Sure there is fiber, and maybe it does enter your blood stream at a more controlled rate than if you were to add teaspoons of it to your oatmeal or coffee, but the reaction is the same. 


The longer you abstain from sweeteners, the better you will feel. Have one dessert or fruit meal, and the sluggish tired feeling you will have hours later will make you realize how much better you feel without it. No wonder it is so addicting and causing so many health problems!


My advice to curb sugar intake is to fill your plate or smoothie with lots and lots of greens, fresh vegetables and healthy fats like nuts and seeds. Not only will you be satisfying your nutritional requirements more efficiently, you will also be hitting your system with powerful antioxidants that will improve strength, metabolism, and your overall wellbeing, allowing you to have more sustained energy throughout the day and less need for stimulants like caffeine (and dessert). 


It's incredible how our bodies react to each and every thing we put into them. Don't be afraid of carbs, just choose more nutritionously dense options like whole grains, potatoes and beans. Even a slice of multigrain bread will be better for you (and digest slower for optimal energy) than a punnet of mulberries. 


I degress because they are seasonal and so limited in their availability, but unfortunately fruits like these are basically the equivalent of eating a tub of ice cream with chocolate cake.