Why meditate?

Meditation has been pegged into a corner of sitting cross legged with your eyes closed contemplating life in a remote wilderness. While this situation may be attractive to some, The Plant Based Method encourages clients to find their own form of meditation in whatever form they find most attractive. Meditation can be a daily walk first thing in the morning and last thing at night. It can be a quiet moment before breakfast where you sit with your thoughts and think about your day. It can be a journal you start to keep where you share your thoughts about your progress. 

We recommend for the mindfulness aspect of your journey to be a time where you unplug from your cell phone, email and laptop. Try to spend time in nature every day. Your meditation can work in tandem with your exercise on a hike, run or coastal bike ride. It is important to spend a few a minutes everyday alone with your mind to stimulate your mind and body connection.

The connection you create between your thoughts and your actions will teach you to think mindfully, eat mindfully and interact with others in a new light. Being connected with yourself will also aid in self confidence, self awareness and a deep level of self care. It is important to develop gratitude for yourself, for all that your body does for you and for all the influences surrounding your life that have helped bring you to where you are today.