Why work out?

Exercise is important to accompany your plant based diet for a number of reasons. Sweating 4-5 times a week for an average of 30-40 minutes will help build strong bones, assist in weight loss, weight maintenance, toning of the muscles and build strength in the body. It is important that the exercise you choose to commit to is enjoyable for you. Based on Avelin's teachings at Strala Yoga, The Plant Based Method discourages from pursuing activities that stress the body and the mind.

You are encouraged to pursue exercise that can be done with ease and pleasure. Whether you choose to run, hike, swim, surf, box or do vinyasa yoga, it is important that you are doing so without stress. Bootcamp classes, cross fit and other forms of exercise that encourage fast paced and aggressive behavior should only be performed if you truly enjoy the class. If the class brings you stress, tension and discouragement for not performing well enough we suggest you pursue an alternative form of exercise such as cycling, or even walking.

The goal of the exercise portion of our method is to find one activity or a combination of activities that you enjoy doing so that it becomes a consistent part of your routine. The benefit to following a plant based diet is that you don't have to kill yourself at the gym. Because the human body converts all carbohydrates into energy, it is impossible to gain weight on this lifestyle. Exercise, in this case, is used as an assistive tool in aiding your weight loss rather than an end all be all.

It is an industry myth that calories in equal calories out and that if you exercise enough, you can eat whatever you want. In fact, not all calories are created equal and plant based calories sourced from carbohydrates are very different from those sourced from animal proteins and even plant fats, for that matter. Thus, the goal of your lifestyle should be to pursue a high carb low fat plant based diet with the assistance of exercise in your daily routine.